Nitish is qualified for PM post- Shatrughan Sinha

colors-screen-awards-2013-16Patna: After the political divorce of Bharatiya Janata Party with Janata Dal United in June, the two parties had come in front of each other as a rival.

Shatrughan Sinha, BJP leader, said that Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar is the deserving and qualifying candidate for Prime Minister.

Shatrughan Sinha today said, “Nitish Kumar is well qualified for the PM post”. “You don’t need to have any doctorate for it. He has successfully governed Bihar.”

Last week 67 year old BJP leader Sinha called upon Nitish Kumar in Patna, who said the meeting excluded politics and included his health issues specially a fractured toe.

Sinha and Nitish Kumar had share common ground in their apparent aversion to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, widely expected to land the BJP’s prime ministerial nomination.

The reason cited frequently by Nitish Kumar for ditching the BJP, evicting it from the Bihar government is the promotion of Narendra Modi to chief of campaign committee for his party, a decision that was announced in June.

After the reaction of senior BJP leader L K Advani on Modi’s promotion, Nitish Kumar and his party revolted. Hours after Modi’s promotion, Advani resigned from all his party posts, but was persuaded to return to the fold within 24 hours.

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