Protection of women is big question for Indian society – Modi

New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister today said over the protection of ladies that if women were feeling insecure, the Indian men had no right to call themselves “mard” (manly). Modi said it as a big issue for Indian society.

Modi, in a rally in Chota Udepur district, said, “In the country of Sita and Savitris, protection of mothers and daughters is a big question for the Indian society.”

Modi, in function said, “I don’t want to make a political comment. But I want to ask men why our sisters are unable to lead a peaceful life despite our presence. (How is it)that our sisters can’t stay alone at home.”

Gujarat CM said, “If this is so, we have no right to call ourselves men. We have no right to call ourselves `mard’. We must die of shame.”

The BJP campaign committee chairman however did not refer to the recent incidents such as the Mumbai gang-rape and allegations of sexual assault against controversial Asaram Bapu.

Narendra Modi also said, “Some men with pervert brains blame women for such acts. It is no fault of the woman. The fault lies in the pervert minds of men. And, society has to fight against such pervert mindset.”

Exploitation of women and daughters is a blot on the society, which it must fight. Society must get rid of this blot. We must assume a collective responsibility to get rid of this blot,” he added.

He further said that “this country was never like this. These pervert mindsets are not what India is associated with.”

Chota Udepur district was among the seven districts created on August 15 this year. It comprises tehsils of Chota Udepur, Sankheda, Naswadi, Kawant and Jetpur Pavi.

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