Priyanka Gandhi dubs Narendra Modi’s attacks ‘childish

Priyanka Gandhi dubs Narendra Modi's attacks 'childish New Delhi: In a no-holds barred attack on Narendra Modi, a combative Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday dubbed as “childish” his “namuna” (specimen) and other barbs against Rahul Gandhi and the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate too raised his pitch, accusing Congress of being a “dhokebaaz”(fraud) party.

Batting for her brother in Amethi from where he is contesting for Lok Sabha, Priyanka said BJP leaders used to make fun of her father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when he introduced computers in the country and they are now “mocking” Rahul.

They call him (Rahul) ‘namuna’ (specimen). Sometime they compare him to a stand up comedian and sometime they call him shehzada. I think you (Modi) aspire to be Prime Minister, then why do you indulge in such childish behaviour? He (Modi) should maintain dignity,” she said at an election meeting at Deeh in Salon assembly area.

Priyanka, whose attack on BJP and its prime ministerial candidate over their targeting her husband Robert Vadra has invited sharp reaction from them, intensified her criticism of the opposition party for its “destructive” policies which, she said, pitted one brother against another.

I do not like saying it but Congress is a party that betrays people. It is a “dhokebaaz” party. See their 2009 manifesto. It is not a manifesto but a ‘dhokapatra’,” he said at an election rally in Palampur in Himachal Pradesh.

Raising the issue of price rise, Modi said, “Congress had promised in its 2009 manifesto that it will bring down prices within 100 days. This was not done. So is it not a ‘dhokapatra’? Modi said the people may forgive a mistake but they do not spare a cheat. “If you cheat people, they will not forgive you. They may forgive a mistake but not a cheat.”

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