India invest only 0.88% of its GDP in science research

India invest only 0.88% of its GDP in science researchNew Delhi: A report claimed that India invest only 0.88% of its GDP in science research which is very much less in comparison even China, South Korea and United States.

The report stated that due to lack of proper investment in research, the research sector had been affecting in India.

The report states, “More than a quarter of (India’s) R&D investment goes towards basic research, against 5% in China and 17% in the United States.”

The report showed that the US invested 7-8% and South Korea 3-4% of its GDP in science research.

The think tank said that India has one of the lowest R&D spend-to-GDP ratios and it is investing on areas that are not strongly connected to industry.

“Tight equation between a degree certificate and education has created several distortions, both in society and in the system of education itself,” said Observer Research Foundation chairman Sudheendra Kulkarni.

Kulkarni also said that we have placed a disproportionate emphasis on standardized examinations and put pressure on the students to score well in them.

Kulkarni said, “Memorization of facts and formulae has triumphed over mastery of concepts, independent and creative thinking, integrative thinking that connects understanding of different subjects, and ability to apply that understanding to solve practical problems of society.”

The report also claimed, “Theory is prioritized over application and time constraints do not allow teachers to explore all concepts, in depth. As a consequence, students are frequently exposed to many concepts but fail to understand them in depth and explore their application.”

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