#Renee become a new captain of #BB8 house, #Karishma Tanna heartbroken

#Renee become a new captain of #BB8 house, #Karishma Tanna heartbrokenNew Delhi: In an interesting turn of events, ‘Bigg Boss’ house got its new captain in the face of Renee Dhyani last night. The new captain was chosen through a task, where in ex captains had the opportunity to give a chance to the inmates who have until now, never become captains.

However, when Gautam Gulati’s turn came, he opened the bottle of Karishma Tanna, ousting her from the captaincy race—making her fume with rage. Tanna not only was shocked at his choice, but she even termed Gauti’s decision as ‘foolish’.

Her desperate desire to grab the captaincy crown was once again crushed hard by fellow inmate Gautam Gulati. She not only ignored him throughout the task, but when he tried to explain himself, she said, ‘I am a strong contestant, and that’s why you took me off this race’.

Well, all said and done—it was wild card entrant Renee’s good luck that she grabbed the captaincy quite smoothly. Through this task, it was evident how smartly all the inmates played while choosing their own preferred captain.

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