Gujarat set to become witness of tough fight after 25 years: Shining India Survey

Gujarat set to become witness of tough fight after 25 years: Shining India SurveyGandhiNagar: Gujarat had become the witness of tough political fight between ruling saffron party BJP and Congress after at least 25 years. There are 29 seats in tough competition in Gujarat and winning margin could be less than 5000.

Congress workers and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is really working hard in the yard of BJP that he took his party to the level where there is a situation of big turnout now.

Congress had given a tough fight to BJP in PM Narendra Modi’s yard.

Congress is getting benefit of anger of Patidar with BJP and not supporting the sitting government, meanwhile senior citizen of Patidar are still supporting BJP and it will work as backbone to sitting government. Senior citizens of Patidar are still standing with BJP as loyal voter. Senior citizens from Thakur community too are supporting BJP.

Notify that research and analysis teams of Shining India Group are conducting their own independent survey in Gujarat and this report is based on that survey.

Some villages under the range of 10-15 KM of Gandhi Nagar are still waiting for the light of development as there is no proper development in these villages. Those villages that have active role in political battle are mainly concentrated by leaders.

Leader of Patidar Hardik Patel still has its influence youth and Patidar and he too will become a barrier in the winning race of BJP. He is widely affecting youth of other community too.

The overall research and analysis confirms a good and tough competition between both parties and no one can predict the exact result as there can be chances of reshuffling government.

Some people had showed their disappointment with BJP as Central Government is not taking control over media channels. Media channels now a days working as a mouth piece of political parties and distracting topic from development of Gujarat to religion. Media houses are making issue of temple and defocussing the prime issues of Gujarat. Aware people of Gujarat want government to stop these channels playing a role of mouthpiece of any political party. These people don’t want these channels to play religious card. It can harm the religious harmony in state and people are not ready to face any riot or such situation.

Reports claim that BJP can again make its government but Congress is not far much away from BJP in the race to register victory. There is no any vast gap between BJP and Congress and if Congress makes a gain of even 2% voters till last week then it can become the witness of a big change in politics and assembly of Gujarat. And this vote margin itself clearly shows that it’s a real tough competition for BJP.

The table shows the impact of both parties on seats of Gujarat:
BJP 96 (+-7)

INC 86 ( +-7)
OTH 5 (+- 3)

Now some table based on area wise to show the interest of voter on different part of
Gujarat had been given below:
Saurashtra- Kutch (54 seats):

BJP 44%
INC 41%
OTH 8%
ND 7%

North Gujarat (53 seats):

BJP 43%
INC 47%
OTH 6%
ND 4%

South Gujarat (35 seats):

BJP 41%
INC 43%
OTH 9%
ND 7%

Central Gujarat (40 seats):

BJP 45%
INC 40%
OTH 11%
ND 6%

This table will show the final vote share to each party in Gujarat:
BJP 45.1%
INC 41.3%
OTH 6.7%
ND 6.9%

BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
INC: Indian National Congress
OTH: Other (Independent and other parties)
ND: Not Decided and silent voters

Notify that the given data in table is purely based on public survey and research and analysis of team of Shining India Group and is not under any kind of influence.

Shining India group had conducted their own independent survey under the supervision of pioneer of survey and analysis between November 15 th to December 5 th and team collected data from 41258 voters of all age group and gender.

This report has been based on first round survey and the percentage of vote share will be affected as the election date approaches. The figures will surely change after second round survey and analysis.

Shining India Group is conducting survey and analysis from last 15 years and covered almost all states of India. It is notable here that Shining India Group had been rewarded with an award for the best survey and our prediction and exit poll results are 95% accurate to the original output of elections.

This survey shows that N.D. (Not Decided) voters will play a king maker role in the formation of government of Gujarat. These voters will decide just before 2 days of election to whom

they will vote and if they choose INC instead of BJP then INC will make a sure shot government in Gujarat and that can break the streak of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their own yard. It is most important for BJP now to save their own camp after they had shown their impact in Uttar Pradesh Municipal and local body election.

Both parties should have to manage the N.D. (not decided) voters for the formation of government in Gujarat. Only now the N.D. voters have the power to make the government in Gujarat.

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