Karnataka assembly election: Candidates are making a beeline to temples

Bangalore, 17th April:  The candidates in the Pray are making a beeline to temples hoping for a divine swing in their favour As the poll fever hots up in Karnataka for the May 5 Assembly Elections.

The candidates and their supporters are seen waiting patiently to have a darshan, promising generous donations, if they emerge victorious.

“It is sometimes interesting to see an individual who has never paid obeisance to gods in his life time, bending backwards to please the almighty for his own selfish reason. But he does not know that he can take the people, not the gods for a ride”, said a priest on condition of anonymity.

The rush in the temples is more during early morning and late evening with the candidates spending over an hour at the temples, the married ones along with their spouses, offering huge floral garlands and fruits to the gods.

“One can see them at their politest best with the public and also donating generously to beggars who sit on temple steps, a behaviour which can be witnessed only before polls”, he said.

We, besides astrologers are very much in demand in such times. The astrologers to foretell the political future of the candidates and advise them as to what they should do to fulfil their political aspirations and we to help them with implementation of the astrologers’ instructions. We make hay while the sun shines”, he says unflinchingly with a smile.

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