9th Shining India Best MLA of Delhi Award 2013

Shining India Award of Delhi-2013

Process of Selection

The survey team of 35 members of EK MULAKAT SURVEY & Shining India News had made a 2 round survey in all constituencies of Delhi & came to know how much people are satisfied with the development work of their area MLA. They also come to know that whether the MLA fulfill all his promise which he made during election in 2008 and how much an area MLA perform in its constituency & in Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Shining India & Ek Mulakat Survey is the first organization of India who is organizing these types of award function on the national level in the country.

Being a Media group, we thinks it’s our responsibly to appreciate those people who helps in building the nation in the flow of development. We want to develop a healthy competition in between M.P. & M.L.A. & other public Representative to make society livable which give honor to its district, state & nation. “Shining India Info media Pvt. Ltd.” had started these award ceremonies through its program Ek Mulakat Survey since 2008.

Its Motive is to introduce those hidden personalities who change social & economical condition of our nation & positively boost up the scenario of the state through their hard work.

Our aim is to give tribute to those government, society, social personalities, politicians and organizations that has done tremendously great work for the development of the society. It is also a positive way of developing the nation. We would like to honor those politicians as well, who has come forward in the society to make it develop and also participate in the social work side by side with their political currier. We honor those social personalities who have great contribution in the development of the society in the nation.

For this motive, we had organized 8 Award ceremonies in different states. Through these awards we would like to maintain a developing platform. These awards will be the inspiration for the other personalities of the society. Most importantly through this starting the good image of social personalities can come in front to the local people. There is the jury panel of 15 Reynold personalities who will effectively and fairly select the awardees on behalf of survey and analysis’ report. There is a team of 35 members who made survey and directly interact with 1500 neutral and non-political people of every constituency and collect the data of the development and the performance of area MLA. Through this survey our team had interacted with 1, 05,000 people in whole state of Delhi & this huge survey has been made by our media organization itself individually. They also come to know how much public is satisfied with the development work of area MLA and also about state Govt.

We have observed that people think accordingly about other politicians as their MLA’s use to do work but it is not the correct vision to judge them it is just there mindset. Every politician has its own different work style in accordingly with their attitude. Some developments are made for long terms and some for the short. Every MLA tries to give his/her 100% to their constituency but sometimes social economical or political or other problems hinder their path. It depends upon these public representatives that how they face those situations, every MLA had made nice developments in their constituency. “Shining India” and “Ek Mulakat Survey” is working to select the Best out of all MLA’s.

Categories of Awards

  • Shining India Best MLA of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best Minister of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best MP of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best Councillor of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Public Choice candidate for Assembly Election of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best Social Service of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Lifetime Achievement of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best Civil Service Award of Delhi Award-2013.
  • Shining India Best Intellectual of Delhi Award-2013.

We would like to mention some of the important points from our survey questioners which our survey team uses to ask from the local people.

  • How did area MLA perform in Legislative assembly and did he raise the problems of constituency in legislative assembly?
  • Is Public satisfy with the performance of their area MLA?
  • What common people think about their MLA?
  • Is there proper distribution of ration in their constituency?
  • How much promises they had fulfilled from their election manifesto of 2008?
  • What major steps have been taken for better water supply.
  • What major steps have been taken for sewage system?
  • What kind of development has been made for Road communications, transport?
  • Is there any kind of development in the stream of education?
  • How much health sector has been developed?
  • If there is any rural part in constituency then what steps have been taken for the rural development and the development of farmers and agriculture?
  • What schemes has been applied by MLA for the welfare of the society?
  • What is the condition of law and order in their constituency?
  • What is the quality and quantity of development work done by MLA in the past 5 years?
  • What is the behavior of MLA for their people?
  • How much time MLA gave to their people?
  • Did MLA respond or attend common people on phone?
  • Are there any charges of corruption or serious allegation on your area MLA?
  • Did your area MLA visits to your constituency?
  • Are developments made by MLA for the sake of need of people or for his own western interest?

Selection of Awardees:

Awardees are to be selected through our Jury Panel on behalf of points which they get in public survey & other analysis. These awardees are to be selected by senior journalist & other Jury members on behalf of their last five years performance and their points of survey & analysis.

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