Rescue operation reached to its final stage in Uttarakhand

Dehradun: The rescue operation in flood hit area of Uttarakhand is reached on its final stage on Saturday. Hundreds of people are continue to strands and over four thousand are still missing.

As per the official report, around 4,650 are reported as missing in the devastating floods that have claimed 842 lives so far.

Improvement in the weather of Joshimath also aided air rescue operations. Officials confirmed that rescue operation is on its full pace.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has started pulling out most of its aircraft from the area keeping some of it on standby at Dharasu and Gauchar. Even as people continue to remain stranded in the rain-hit state, the Army Chief assured that the armed forces will stay till all the people are rescued from the area.
Army chief told media in Gauchar, “We are getting information that there may still be some survivors in certain areas. But endeavour is to locate all our citizens, wherever they are, and get them out.”

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said, “The focus now will be on finding them.” Authorities have feared that the missing some of the missing could be trapped under layers of debris and slush.
Shinde said, “Our priority is to rescue elderly people, women and children and then get the youth and others out of there.” Shinde also confirmed that people are still stranded in Badrinath.
Connectivity is a major problem in the area as the massive floods have completely destroyed roads and foot tracks.

Rescue team had rescued 1,04,687 persons from different flood-hit area of Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, mass cremation of bodies continues to take place in Kedarnath which was the worst-affected in flood fury.
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