Here Google Doodle Wishes you a Happy New Year

Here Google Doodle Wishes you a Happy New YearWashington: It is that time of the year. Google’s animated doodle for December 31, 2013, is one that will in a few hours change to usher in the New Year. Rest assured that the numbers will change, with the four coming in place of 3 when the clock strikes 12.


Even last year, Google had marked the last day of 2012 with a doodle that finally morphed into another the next day. So while December 31, 2012 was marked by a doodle of people partying hard, January 1, 2013 showed the same scene almost empty with just the cleaners around.


This has been a recurring theme with Google’s doodles every New Year’s Eve since 2011. It is always the same doodle that transforms into another to mark the transition of the year. Before that, there was no tradition of having a special doodle on December 31, though the New Year was always marked with one.

Even Google is ready to party

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