Haryana CM announce Rs. 10 crore for development of villages of Naraingarh

Haryana CM announce Rs. 10 crore for development of villages of NaraingarhChandigarh: Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda had announced for Rs. 10 crore for the development of villages of Naraingarh. While addressing public in Narainpur, CM Hooda had announced for the betterment of ration system and revival of it for Below Poverty Line (BPL). He promised the farmers to provide sufficient electricity for their irrigation and agriculture.

He also listed the achievements of his government to the public and compared the government of BJP alliance in Haryana with his governance.

He also criticise the election campaign pattern of BJP in Lok Sabha election 21014. He said that BJP fought election not on his policies and plans but it only focus on specific person. He indirectly targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that BJP had promised for “Achhe Din” but as the NDA government had formed in Centre, the price of diesel, Rail Fare, tomatoes and all vegetable with the items of basic need had been hiked by newly formed government.

He also said that the way public is responding his government, he is sure that he will again come in power in Haryana.

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