SP MLA & wife beat 10-year-old student in front of school Principal

SP MLA & wife beat 10-year-old student in front of school PrincipalLucknow: Shazil Islam MLA of Samajwadi party from Bhojipura in Bareilly district and his wife Ayesha Islam had beat a 10-year-old student in front of school principal. They had been accused of slapping their son’s classmate.

The report claimed that the couple went to their son, Sharf’s school on Tuesday to complain about his classmate and friend Mohd Ali. Both Sharf and Ali, students of Class 5 at Hartman’s School and College allegedly embroiled into a fight over some issue, few days ago.

MLA’s wife Ayesha Islam, who had contested the Lok Sabha elections from Bareilly, on Tuesday barged into their classroom and slapped Ali in front of the teacher and all students. She then took the child to the Principal’s room and slapped him in front of him.

Mohd Ali’s mother Sultana had been shocked by the MLA and his wife’s behavior and lodged a complaint to school authorities and said, “A few days ago, the MLA’s son had hit my son with a thermos flask. My son then hit him back with a measuring scale. Things had settled after that fight.”

Meanwhile MLA’s wife had flute another tone. She said, “Mohd Ali, would harass my son regularly. My son has scars from the beatings of Mohd Ali. We had gone to the school to bring the matter to the notice of school authorities. This is a conspiracy to tarnish us.”

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