AAP delivered on its promise of supplying free water

AAP delivered on its promise of supplying free waterNew Delhi: The government of Aam Aadmi Party had delivered on its promise of supplying free water of 667 litres a day to each household. Meanwhile the price hike in tariff at 10 per cent on water.

Arvind Kejriwal had told media that consumption beyond 20 kilolitre a month would attract tariff for the whole usage after an hour long meeting of Deli Jal Board chaired by Arvind Kejriwal, Board CEO Vijay Kumar.

However, the office of Chief Minister had disclosed that there will be 10 per cent increase in tariff for those consuming more than 20 kilolitres who ill required to pay the full bill amount.

The newly appointed CEO of Delhi Jal Board, Vijay Kumar said, “All domestic consumers having metered connection will get 20 kilolitres of water free of cost from January 1. No charges such as sewerage charge and water cess will be levied on beneficiary of the free water scheme.”

The much-vaunted scheme, which tops the 18-point agenda of implementation for AAP, will come into effect from January one and will immediately benefit around nine lakh households in the city. It covers those with metered connections.

He also said that the consumption beyond 20 kilo-litres will be charged fully. Arvind Kejriwal here tweet that the decision will cost Delhi Jal Board Rs. 160 crore a year and Rs. 40 crore for the rest of current fiscal.

In another tweet, Kejriwal said “It is duty of any responsible govt to provide ‘lifeline water’ to its citizens.
We may debate the quantum but can we argue against the principle?”

Officials said a decision on extending the benefit to residents of group housing societies will be taken later. However, people living in New Delhi Municipal Council area and Delhi Cantonment Board area will not be included under the scheme.

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