Reports of resignation of PM Manmohan Singh denies by Manish Tewari

Reports of resignation of PM Manmohan Singh denies by Manish TewariNew Delhi: Manish Tewari, the Information and Broadcasting Minister on Tuesday, have denied the reports of announcement of resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan from his post on the press conference which has been scheduled on Friday.

While responding to a question on the resignation of Manmohan Singh, Manish Tewari said, “This report is completely baseless, based on conjecture and insinuation. I don’t even think it should be dignified with a response.

Tewari told media, “Media keep cribbing, that he(prime minister) doesn’t talk to media, now that the prime minister has consented to talk to the press in the beginning of 2014, to even speculate in the manner in which it is being done, I think is in poor taste.”

On the question that when Congress is going to announce the name of Rahul Gandhi as it’s PM candidate, Manish Tewari said, “I can only refer you back to the statement of Congress president, an appropriate decision would would be taken at an appropriate time.”

Notify that media, while quoting sources, said that Manmohan Singh is likely to resign in the press conference, paving way for Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

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